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When I looked around for a Content Management System for the now all new page, I stumbled across Grav. Grav is a flat file system CMS and you can just fall in love with it. You simply download one of their skeletons and have a website running in your Finder because you can run php -S localhost:8003 system/router.php in Terminal and point your browser to localhost:8003 and the website is there. Later you push this folder onto your Apache webserver, done.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-11 um 03.05.57

This website also uses Grav. One of the reasons is that I need to run the system myself that I wish to use in other projects. Otherwise I’m no help in support questions. I know Wordpress fairly well and have built numberous websites with it. But Grav with its flat file structure just feels so much more up to date than mySQL databases.

So here I encounter smaller obstacles in enhancing this site. I use a macbook pro and code in Sublime Text 3. I can just so much recommend Sublime Text. Especially for the flat-file structure its sidebar is great help.

Being able to build right through running a apache server on your mac, makes developing fun. That way I can code on the train even if there’s no wifi. Its just a bummer I can’t google for help then.

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