DDJ goes Social Media

A short list: Bringing data-journalism to social media

  1. Teaser Chart
    • static or gif
    • simplified chart (take out the complex stuff)
  2. Chart-driven explainer
    • Twitter-Thread / Image Galleries / IG Stories
    • One or more charts with explanation
    • Watch out for good SLAT at the start
    • Throw in other visuals, links
  3. Chart explainer stories (Instagram)
    • Explain methodology well
    • Slides to guide through story
    • Add quizzes, interactivity
  4. Presenter-driven explainer
  5. Data-driven explainer
    • Longer form videos
    • Use data points as protagonists
  6. Overall
    • Charts need to be self explanatory, they will be taken out of context
    • Think of Social Media early
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