Layers of learning

We’re a group of twelve young journalists pressure cooking in an international media organization. There is this examplar thursday afternoon where we present our first radio pieces after four days of learning. Here I list some levels of learning of that week. The list is non-exhaustive and some aspects may only relate to some or one of our group. Each layer describes one aspect of learning we had to utilize that week, possibly overlapping.

  1. Using audio software
    1. Setting keymarkers
    2. Navigating sound
    3. Keying volume
    4. Cutting audio
  2. Using audio hardware
    1. External mics
    2. Internal mics
    3. Markers
    4. Putting the microphone where the sound is (good sound)
  3. Pitching ideas
    1. Having an idea
    2. Pre-researching the idea
    3. Narrowing the focus
    4. Convincing our trainers that the idea holds up
  4. Researching topics
  5. Conducting interviews
  6. Writing a script
  7. Narrating a script
  8. Researching audio
  9. Presenting one’s work
  10. Interpersonal skills with interviewees and other people in the group
  11. Conversing in German, English, and several other languages
  12. Interpersonal skills with trainers and navigating this hierarchy
  13. Giving valuable feedback (both in-group and with hierarchy, towards trainers)
  14. Receiving feedback
  15. Navigating corporate bureaucracy
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